Peak Tek Inc was founded by George Bruce, a former 16 year employee of Waters Chromatography, in 1989. With his strong technical and analytical background as well as working knowledge of the Waters line of Chromatographic Equipment the birth of Peak Tek Inc was born.

In addition, George Bruce has established a outstanding reputation as a customer focused business entity refurbishing equipment longer pass manufacturer's warranties.

As a proprietor of Peak Tek Inc. his major role has been to oversee all aspects of service and meticulous work performed by Peak Tek staff during the last 16 successful and growth filled years.

We are qualified, dedicated professionals in the service and maintenance of all liquid chromatography systems. We also specialize in high temperature gel permeation chromatography (GPC) systems, polymers and prep systems and large scale separation for pharmaceutical, chemical, health care and biotech firms throughout the country.
In todays economy when companies are asked to do more with less, new equipment and instrumentation is not an option, Peak Tek is here to assist. Research, R&D companies and college budgets are tight and higher educational institutions need equipment and research instruments but cannot purchase new, Peak can be the answer. We service a very important niche market. Peak Tek provides very specialized and value-added services. We refurbish and repair the following:

  • Detectors
  • Pumps
  • Auto-samplers
  • Prep systems
  • Installations
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM)
  • Onsite Repairs

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